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August 2016

Customers purchasing contacts through 1-800 Contacts need to provide the information found on their written prescription (also called an Rx) as well as their doctor's contact information for verification. Submit & Skip was created to provide a way for customers to skip both these steps by simply taking a picture of their written prescription and uploading it.   

Submit & Skip has been a successful feature but we found that the design could be improved because of observations we made. 



– Customers were entering their prescription values and uploading a picture of their written prescription. 

Possible Problems
– Customers might think they have to do both; they don't realize it's an either/or option
– Customers eyes might gravitate to the form fields first and then notice the Rx-uploading option
– It's not very clear that uploading a picture of your Rx allows you to skip the manual Rx entry option








Separate Page

Submit & Skip was given its own page in the purchase flow which allows us to bring more attention to it and better explain what it is. Not showing the prescription form fields on this page  allows the customer to first decide whether he/she wants to upload a picture or enter the Rx manually.  



Since uploading a picture of your Rx is clearly the better option I wanted to dedicate more space on the page to explain the feature. I created simple illustrations to accompany text on the page. 


Different Buttons

The "Enter Rx Manually" button is outlined in blue while the "Upload Photo of Rx" is filled in blue. This helps cue users that they are two very different options. It should also encourage users to upload their picture since that button stands out more. 




Here are some commercials that were created for 1-800 Contacts which highlight the Submit & Skip feature, enjoy! (Moses is my personal favorite)