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August 2015

About twice a year, the IT department at 1-800 Contacts has a 24-hour Hackathon where employees can work on anything they want for the next 24 hours as long as it would benefit the company somehow. For this particular Hackathon, I teamed up with coworkers who wanted to learn how to build a simple Wordpress site. I wanted to gain a better understanding for how Wordpress works in general, but also work on my product photography skills. 

We decided to build a Wordpress site for South Valley Optical, our in-house eye clinic, which had just opened to the general public. While the rest of our Hackathon team worked on building the site, I went down to the eye clinic and photographed some of their staff, the eye clinic space, and some of their frames selection. I learned how to navigate through a Wordpress CMS and helped make some final tweaks to the site and uploaded my photography.







We were able to successfully finish the site in 24 hours and presented it to South Valley Optical who ended up using the site.